One of the first things I did after meeting grief was go to my local bookstore.

I was looking for a book to show me the way because books had always shown me the way up until then, and sometimes words can go where no human can.

I came empty and left emptier.

Ever since then I’ve been motivated to create a book that would be a soft place for grief to land and feel its way through the dark, nonlinear process of healing and living with loss.

A book that would give grief a voice in all the ways it expresses itself – through words, drawing, painting, speaking or singing, and that would invite the reader to add their own words, art and heart to the pages.

A resource of mindfulness practices for the body and mind to support us as we practice leaning into grief and all the ways it expands and contracts in our bodies, hearts and lives.

A book that would welcome grief instead of trying to fix grief.

For many years I thought it would be a book about my story of loss, how I survived and made my way through the land of loss by putting one foot in front of the other.

Until the day I realized it should be about our stories of loss, how we survive and make our way through the land of loss by putting one foot in front of the other.



Monique Minahan

A writer, mother & yoga teacher, Monique aims to stand up and live before she sits down to write.

At the age of twenty-five she lost her husband, Nathan, to a complication with one of his chemotherapy drugs. She experienced a seismic shift that dropped her into a deep and dark crevasse of complicated grief for many years.

Today, almost 15 years later, Monique leads bereavement yoga groups at a local hospice center, an offering that grew out of her belief that grief needs welcoming, not fixing. She blends Western and Eastern approaches to how the body holds grief, old and new traditions of yoga, and arranges these pieces within the framework of trauma-sensitive teaching, creating a safe space for people living with loss to explore their grief and nurture a harmonious sense of being full of life and full of loss.

Her writing has been featured on The Huffington Post and elephant journal and she puts her ear to her heart before putting pen to paper.

As the mama of a sweet and energetic toddler, it may appear she’s been “healed” or “moved on,” but her grief practice is ongoing. She works at leaving room in her heart for it to transform, resurface, inform and inspire her life every step of the way.

Questions, concerns or need a hug? Here we are.