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Grief+Yoga Training

Register here. This will be the only group training for 2022.

MONDAYS | May 2, 9, 16, 23 | 9:00 am – 10:30 am Pacific Standard Time on ZOOM

A training for anyone curious about providing trauma-intelligent care to grieving humans or understanding grief from a somatic lens. You will gain experiential knowledge about grief and trauma in the body and learn how to curate movement and mindfulness practices to support grief in your yoga classes, therapy sessions, or in your own practice.

Full scholarships available for BIPOC yoga teachers (see below.)

The Grief Practice Grief+Yoga course is comprised of 4 modules, 1.5 hours each, covering 6 areas.

1  Self-care | Trauma stewardship

  • the intersection of service and self-care: specific tools to stay sensitive to the effect this work has on you physically and energetically
  • how to track your inner state and why this is key to supporting others

2  Trauma + Yoga

  • approaching grief in a trauma-intelligent way, blending the classic trauma-informed model with the practical, human side of grief
  • stress-cycle completion in yoga and movement practices

3  Anchors + Pendulation | The Somatic Container

  • how to use anchors and pendulation

4  Movement

  • the science behind how grief moves through the body and how breath and movement can support the body in grief
  • the language used; the energy of grief and yoga; how to use the postures to affect the whole brain

5  Meditation safety + Trauma

  • how to keep meditation safe for students with a history of trauma or traumatic grief
  • how to recognize distress signs in students

6  Polyvagal Theory + Grief

  • the biology and physiology of grief and how it impacts the mind
  • how the body finds safety and the social engagement system
  • how to be an anchor for co-regulation

There are Full scholarships available for this course for BIPOC yoga teachers. To apply for one of these spots please send an email to Monique at

Participants are encouraged to attend the sessions live and a recording will be available after each session.

Register here.

Led by Monique Minahan, trauma-informed yoga teacher, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training, author of The Grief Practice.


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