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Yoga Retreat for Mothers Grieving the Loss of a Child by Suicide

The Second Annual Yoga Retreat for Mothers Grieving the Loss of a Child by Suicide

October 7-10, 2021

Fallbrook, California

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A yoga retreat created by a mother surviving the loss of her son by suicide, Colleen Dean, and led by Monique Minahan, creator of The Grief Practice.

Colleen Dean

I lost my sweet, beautiful, 15-year-old son to suicide on May 18, 2019.

As months went by I could not find relief from the pain in my chest, from the weight of my body, from the struggle to breathe. 

I found a bio of Monique on an internet search and sought her out for help.

It was the first time I felt some relief from the physical side of my pain.

In the process of trying to heal, I have found that a yoga and meditation practice, along with being around other mothers who have walked this path before me, to be the most helpful.

This retreat is my way of bringing those things together.

Monique Minahan

In my mid-twenties my husband Nathan suddenly died due to a complication with one of his chemotherapy drugs. With a long history of major depression, no embodied resources, and living in a society that stigmatized grief, I dropped into a deep and dark crevasse of isolation and complicated grief for many years.

Now, almost 19 years later, I create supportive containers for people to move with and through all kinds of loss with curiosity and compassion. 

I am a San Diego trauma-informed yoga teacher and SE™ Practitioner in Training. For several years I have been actively and curiously bridging the science and soul of grief in groups and individually.

It was my unparalleled privilege to lead last year’s Mothers’ Retreat and witness the profound connection that moved through the mothers over the three days we were together.

I am more convinced than ever that mothers coming together around this kind of loss is the true medicine. I look forward to meeting you and supporting your individual and collective experience this year.

Details & Registration

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