Share Your Story

We want to know your story of loss.

What is your experience of grief? Who (or what) did you lose?

We want to know the nitty-gritty, hard to tell details; the moments of heart expansion and the never-ending stories about the nights where you thought the tears wouldn’t stop.

How did you feel when you lost the ones you love? Or witnessed loss as part of a collective? How does it feel now? How has life changed … or has it?

We want to know as much as you want to share.

How did your friends, family & community handle your grief? And their own?

Our stories — these ones, the ones we hold dear about our deepest sorrows — and the sharing of them help us to open a conversation about grief as a global community.

How and where do you talk about it, if at all?

We hope to peel back the layers and allow the topic of death, dying and grief to be accessible and acceptable to talk about, whether around a kitchen table, on social media, in a yoga class, street corner or at a formal dinner with strangers.

Everywhere and anywhere, our stories of how we hurt and how we heal deserve to breathe in the air and see the light of day.

If you choose to submit your story please trust that we will hold your words close to our hearts and strive to bring them forth with love, care and an enormous amount of integrity.

Submission Guidelines:

We’ll accept whatever form your story takes.

Write, draw, photograph, paint, make a movie or record your voice.

(Have another format not listed here? Email us & let’s talk.)

By choosing to submit your story, you are giving us permission to use it in the publication of a book and/or on the website.

We will be in touch before we do anything with your art to clarify the guidelines of our agreement.

You will have final approval of any editorial changes we might have to make before we go to print.

We are grateful for all submissions; please note that not everything that is submitted will be accepted for publication.

Review Process:

All submissions will be received with care.

We will be in touch if your submission is chosen for publication in the book or on the website.

We are currently studying our compensation options, and we hope to have something in place by the time we are ready to publish.

We commit to communicating openly about this, every step of the way.

If your artwork is chosen for publication in the book, you will receive a copy of your own.

Questions, concerns or need a hug? Here we are.