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Grief-In-The-Body workshops can be tailored to one of the three formats below to best fit your community.

  • for humans who are grieving
  • for yoga teachers
  • for professionals working with grief + palliative care

Grief-In-The-Body workshops break down polyvagal theory, movement science, and trauma-informed yoga into a digestible, experiential format to validate the physical experience of grief and remind grieving humans that their body is doing everything it can to support them under the weight of grief.

Students learn how to find resources inside and outside their bodies to anchor their attention to so they can move and be moved and explore sensations and emotions safely.

The intention is not to fix, but to create space and awareness for grief to move in and to move out. To find the pockets of love hiding behind the hurt. To nurture a harmonious sense of being full of life and full of loss.

Concepts explained and explored are:

  • where and why grief is often held in the body
  • how to navigate grief in a safe and anchored way
  • scientific and traditional perspectives on emotions in the body
  • how to scan your own body for where your grief might be
  • how to use yoga to support your experience of grief

The workshop includes slow, full-body movement and ranges from 2 to 3 hours long.

The Grief Practice book and companion website expand on the concepts taught in this workshop and supports participants continued exploration of the practices that resonate with them.

Connect with me here to ask any questions or to schedule your workshop.

December 29, 2019

Monthly Grief+Yoga

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