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The body is the first home for our grief, starting with the feeling of our hearts breaking.

Grief often tries to flow through our bodies and finds itself at an impasse or with no way out.

Words that crave to be heard or emotions that attempt to release are often pushed down into a lump in our throat.

Anger finds itself running in furious circles, voiceless and unheard.
Our gut instincts are ignored because its elegant alarm system is mistrusted.

Our bodies are the container for our every experience. They have intelligence and experience and support us and need support from us at every turn.

When we look at our grief and its accompanying emotions through the lens of neuroscience and movement science, we begin to understand how trauma-informed movement and mindfulness practices can help us bear and sometimes even befriend our grief.

This approach acknowledges where and how the emotions lodge themselves in our bodies and honors the innate healing ability of every human being and every human body.

The intention is not to fix, but to create space and awareness for grief to move in and to move out. To find the pockets of love hiding behind the hurt. To nurture a harmonious sense of being full of life and full of loss.