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My name is Monique. At the age of twenty-five my husband Nathan suddenly died due to a complication with one of his chemotherapy drugs. I experienced a seismic shift that dropped me into a deep and dark crevasse of complicated grief for many years.

Now, almost 16 years later, I create safe and supportive containers for people to move with and through all kinds of loss. Sometimes this is in person, through my yoga workshops. Sometimes this is virtually, through my writings and poems.

Either way, what I can offer you in your grief is a place to land and an invitation to keep trusting your own heart.
What I can relieve you from is the need to keep it tidy or contained or linear or sane.
What I can remind you of is your own heroic healing energies and your ability to harness them. What I can hold for you is this space we gather in, tenderly and authentically, so that you can uncover and recover your aching heart and soaring spirit.

What I can tell you is onward sometimes means inward, forward sometimes leans backwards, up doesn’t always mean out, and even though I’ve made this journey I cannot say what you’ll find or lose along the way. What I can promise you is you are not alone and that next breath of yours is the way through it all.

yours in love & loss,