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The location of our grief changes from day to day. Your grief is unique to you and your body. This is why it can be useful to map your own grief.

The Body Map below can be downloaded and printed to accompany the “Map Your Grief” section in the book.

Scanning and mapping our grief can bring up some powerful sensations. Finding a way to discharge the energy that’s been mobilized can regulate our bodies and minds.

The video below walks you through some simple movements to ground and discharge some of the energy that may come up while mapping your grief.

Practices: Gentle Yoga

Practice alongside me in this virtual supported yoga class focused on the skill of refining our attention. Try it now »

Practices: Active Yoga

Practice alongside me in this virtual, flowing yoga class that invites the energy of grief to move. Try it now »

Practices: Body Scan

Listen to a body scan meditation I recorded for you. Try it now »