The Grief Practice

Stories of Surviving Loss & Practices for Supporting Loss


Product Description

A storybook and workbook for moving with and through grief. Through stories and practices The Grief Practice explains and explores grief in the body in a beautiful and comprehensible way. The ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness are offered through a trauma-informed and science-based lens, creating an accessible path to grief through yoga designed to support and welcome grief.

The Grief Practice articulately unpacks the emotional and physical manifestations of grief. This work applies yoga to grief in a loving, nurturing, and supportive way. Reading others’ stories soothes our hearts and keeps us healing.”

Elena Brower, Author of Practice You and Co-author of Art of Attention

“We have lost many cultural rituals for coping with grief. This lovely book provides tangible practices and tools, well grounded in both the science of grief recovery and the art of being human in the process. Simple, accessible, and much needed. A set of grief rituals for where we are today.”

Robin R. Johnson, PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience)


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