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Yoga+SE Somatic Support

Yoga is an ancient practice that addresses the body, mind and soul. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body-centered therapeutic model for resolving trauma and other stress disorders (

These sessions blend both approaches. Starting with the yogic practice of self-study (svadhyaya), we notice what the experience is of the body. We follow sensations in the body such as tightness, heat, expansion, relaxations, etc. I will teach you ways to track, or follow, these sensations with your awareness and come to a place of rebalance.

As we notice what movements the body is inclined to make, we recruit the yoga shapes (asana), energy (tapas), and titrated concentration (dharana) to expand the container of body and being that holds our embodied experience. This often results in a sense of well-being (sattva), even as we carry unfixable things, such as tremendous loss.

This combination of Yoga and SE allows us to expand our awareness of the container of our body and being so there is more space for emotions and experiences to move in, through, and out.

The body speaks its own language, sometimes expressing different needs and feelings than the mind can name.

By following the story the body tells we can see what is needed to allow pieces of our experience to complete and integrate.

Reconnecting to our whole self and with our innate physiological resources often expands our capacity for what we can hold.

I am an SE™ Practitioner in Training (2nd year), a trauma-informed yoga teacher and a human with a profound personal experience of grief. I draw on everything from polyvagal theory to movement science to my years of experience supporting humans with varied experiences of loss as we explore the best way to support your embodied experience during our time together.

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$90/session. Sliding scale available for online sessions.

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*I am not a physical therapist, counselor, or doctor. None of my services are psychotherapeutic in nature or a replacement for mental health care.

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