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Beauty From Ashes

March 4, 2019


I’m a grieving mama whose beautiful, unique, and amazing light of a daughter left here a little over 3 years ago.

She had a long battle with substance-use disorder…

Through it all her beauty was always bigger than her addiction.

Her loss has transformed my life in so many ways. That first year… Christmas and first anniversary approaching… I knew I needed to do something…

To honor her. To survive her loss. To keep her with me.

Love Bulbs came out of loss and grief and attempting to bring beauty from ashes! This project has grown a bit each year and proceeds go to women in recovery.

Most importantly it puts beauty out into the world in my daughter’s name- #lovebulbsforbon

Being her mom will always be the best thing that I got to do in my life. I miss her every minute of every day!

-Nancy Pickwell