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The Visit

January 23, 2020

Something happened.

Since Cami died I have been feeling so sad.

There are things people say are their loved ones visiting after they have died, like red birds and butterflies. Well, Cami had loved frogs when she was like six years old.

We continued to always say that it was still her favorite animal. We knew it wasn’t anymore, but we still said it. I mean, who really has a favorite animal when they are 17? You might, I don’t think Cam did.

One day I was telling Reese, my 16-year-old, about how I just missed Cami so much and that I really wanted to see her.

Since she died, every evening when I would take the dogs out I would hear something that sounded like a frog. In reality it was probably a cricket.

Being somewhat of a creative dreamer and a person who, in my spiritual immaturity, likes to try to entice God into doing what I want, I was asking God to show me a tree frog to let me know Camryn was near.

Not just a frog, a tree frog. I was thinking, Come on, God. I can hear the thing chirping right there in the weeds. Just have it hop on out here, maybe wave hello and be on its way. How hard would that be? You are God after all.

I never saw one. Not once. That irritated me.

It’s silly. It’s irrational. It’s a tiny blessing. It’s a miracle. It’s a sign. It’s just a tree frog.

You can call it anything you want, but tonight there was this little baby, bright green, tree frog in the garage.

Tree frog, in the garage.

I was so happy to see her.

He hears us.

DeAnn Marston-Gronvall

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